International Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Day

November 13th, 2023, marks a historic moment as we globally observe the first International Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Day. This annual event, dedicated to celebrating achievements in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, calls for your participation to spread awareness and support the goals of this vital healthcare discipline.

The origins of this significant day trace back 24 years ago, in 1999, with the establishment of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM). Born from the union of the International Rehabilitation Medicine Association (IRMA) and the International Federation of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (IFPMR), this day pays homage to the pioneers who laid the foundations for the premier international organization in rehabilitation medicine.

Notably, this year aligns with the momentous World Health Organization (WHO) Resolution on “Strengthening Rehabilitation in the Health Systems.” This resolution aims to integrate rehabilitation into health systems worldwide, ultimately enhancing the well-being and socio-economic participation of those in need. Celebrating the International Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Day becomes a crucial avenue to underscore the objectives outlined in this resolution.

The day serves as more than a commemoration; it is a golden opportunity to raise awareness about the profound impact of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine on individuals globally—especially those experiencing or likely to experience disability. It acts as a powerful advocacy tool, educating the public on the significance of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, while mobilizing governmental and institutional support.

And in the spirit of progress and innovation, this year’s celebration introduces Sano-Meter, our innovative app project, designed to prevent vertebral pain and connect individuals with a wide network of medical healthcare providers and services. Our cutting-edge app merges technology to identify, evaluate, and analyze physical, mental, and emotional risk factors, offering a preventive approach to a healthier future. As we commemorate the achievements of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Sano-Meter emerges as a beacon, leveraging technology to enhance our understanding of health and well-being.

Take this chance to join the global conversation. Let’s discuss the strides we’ve made and the work that lies ahead to ensure access to Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine becomes a reality for people worldwide. Congratulations and relish this day—our day—a celebration of progress and dedication.

Wishing you an inspiring International Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Day!

Join ISPRM and their team, live on Monday November 13, at 1pm CEST –

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