Let’s talk about pain (1)

The background

Pain is an interesting concept. As long as humanity has lived, pain was there.

We breathe, we sleep, we eat, he have pain, and we survive. We survive because we breathe, because we sleep, because we eat, because we have pain. Pain is essential for survival and for evolution. To treat pain, to find the right solution, you have to understand the concept, and you have to understand the language of your suffering.

Questioning is essential: why do you have pain, why now, what kind of pain, where do you have pain, when do you have pain, for how long, what is worsening and what is relieving your pain?

We as humans are not only bodies, we are complex entities, with emotion and psychics. Consider, for instance, the scenario of addressing a painful knee: attempting to heal it solely by focusing on the knee itself is like gazing upon a lifeless body, neglecting the vitality that stems from recognizing the interconnectedness of our entire being. 

As a human, we have a past, a present and a future, we have our body, our emotions, our psychic, and we have a cell memory. Our very cells carry the memories of our journeys, bridging the gap between our yesterdays and todays.

It implies neurons, neurotransmitters, hormones, structures, physiopathological mechanisms.

We have different receptors for pain, we have different neurotransmitters. And pain is tightly related with our nervous system: no matter where it is located, how it appears, or how it evolves.

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